We are a leading PhD Research School that is affiliated to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Our key areas of research interest are centred on problems that are most pertinent to the developing world. We focus currently on issues of Education, Cheap and accessible healthcare, and Crime Mitigation in rural and poor areas of developing world countries.

The school is driven by a team of 8 faculty members and a team of 11 PhD Students working on topics that are centred on the aforementioned areas. We are particularly proud of the fact that our faculty core is well balanced not only in terms of gender but also of the rainbow racial representation of South Africa. Our students are selected on a highly competitive basis and hail from all over sub-Saharan Africa. In addition we are actively engaged in interdisciplinary work often working across departments in the Faculty of science, the University, and other institutions both nationally as well as internationally.

We aim, by working on leading research in the field of Information and Communications Technology for Development, to become for Africa, a centre for educating her future leaders in the field. Your experience with us, should you become one of our students, will be an enriching and rewarding one.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you.