Monday 26 June

Venue : Gary Marsden Conference Room, Computer Science Building, Level 3A, UCT Upper Campus.

14h00-14h15  Introduction   A/Prof James Gain

14h15-15h00 Keynote 1  A/Prof James Gain – Procedural Ecosystems in Computer Graphics

15h00-15h30  Tea Break

15h30-17h00   Session 1

•Lighton Phiri – Empirically Evaluating Streamlined Technology-driven Orchestration of Learning Activities 

•Francesco Quinzan – Speeding-up Run Time of Evolutionary Algorithms in Noisy Environments

• Pacome Landry Ambassa – Secure Power Management in a Resource Constrained Smart Micro-Grid 

Tuesday 27 June

9h00-9h45  Keynote 2  Prof Andreas Polze – NUMA, Resource-Management, Monitoring - Core2Cloud on Power 


9h45-10h45    Session 2

• Richard Maliwatu – Wireless networking with Dynamic Spectrum Access 

• Mina Rezaei – Generative Adversarial Training for Augmented Medical Imaging 

10h45-11h00      Tea Break

11h00-13h30     Session 3

• Anesu Marufu   A Robust and Secure Continuous Double Auction Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Constrained Micro-Grids 

• Erik Scharwächter – Anomaly detection in massive collections of time series

•  Amreesh Phokeer – Towards a decentralized, trust-less, end-to-end security framework for Community Networks

12h30-13h30      Lunch

13h30-15h00    Session 4


•  Maletsabisa Molapo – Evaluation and Reflection of a Smartphone Deployment in Rural Lesotho 

•  Mirela Alistar – Are microfluidic biochips the Arduinos for biology?

•  Yamiko Msosa – Modelling Evolving Clinical Guildelines

15h00-15h30      Tea Break

15h30-16h30      Session 5

•  Julian Risch - Entropy-Based Topic Modeling on Multiple Domain-Specific Text Collections

•  Joan Byamugisha – Pluralizing Noun Phrases in Runyankore